RBI Reg. No.RPCD 29/2011-12
Head OFFICE:-Harikunj, opposite post office, Sagar Road, Raisen
Phone: 07482-223235 223158, FAXNO:- 07482-24 ,Ifsc code :-CBIN0MPDCAY


The Raisen city, which is situated in the central part of the Vindhya region spread over the Vindhyachal mountain range, was the birthplace of the great idolaters like the enchanting sweet song and the Navaratna of Badshah Akbar – Tansen and Birbal. The Raisen city, inhabited by the Kalaqar Behar and Vichia river, has been the capital of the rulers of the Baghel dynasty as well as the capital of Vindhya Pradesh. Historical region Raisen has been known as the land of white lions in the world. The name of Raisen was named after the name of River Raisen, which is called the mythological name of Narmada river. It has been an important trade route since ancient times. Which has been connecting Kaushal, Prayag, Banaras, Pataliputra, etc. to western and southern India. Before the rule of Beyghel, other kings’ rulers such as Guptak Kalchuri dynasty, Chandel and Pratahar are also named.
The old town is surrounded by a stone wall, encompassing beautiful palaces and gardens. The 17th-century palace of Vir Singh Deo is a notable example of the Hindu architecture of North India. The town serves as a trading center for grains and cotton products. Handloom weaving is an important industry. Raisen has several important landmarks and is famous for the seven-story palace built by Raja Vir Singh Deo in 1614. The town is also a thriving pilgrimage spot for religious devotees. There are many temples, including the Sidhapeeth of Peetambhara Devi, Buglamukhi Devi Temple, and Gopeshwar Temple. Peetambra Peeth is a famous Shaktipitha located at the entrance of Raisen. This pilgrimage spot is located about 1 km from Raisen Bus Station and 3 km from Raisen Railway Station on the Delhi-Chennai main line and features Buglamukhi Devi Temple. The Dhumavati Main Temple, established by Golokwasi Swamiji Maharaj, and the Vankhandeshwar temple, a Mahabharat period temple of Shiva, are here.
District Co-operative Central Bank is playing an important role in providing financial convenience in the rural areas of the limited district of Raisen. Apart from providing agriculture and other loans in Raisen and Alirajpur districts, as well as in different schemes, various types of advances are being offered to the customers under their loan portfolio.

Head office:-Gandhi Road, Tigalia, Raisen, Raisen, (M.P),,

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RBI Reg. No.ग्राआऋवि 29/2011-12
जिला सहकारी केंद्रीय बैंक मर्यादित रायसेन
प्रधान कार्यालय ,वार्ड नंबर 15,सागर रोड ,अर्जुन नगर ,रायसेन ,(म .प्र),464551 ​
फोन:फोन: 07482-252948,223158, FAXNO:- 07482-223158 ,Ifsc code :-CBIN0MPDCAY

Bank जिला सहकारी केन्द्रीय बैंक मर्यादित रायसेन एक अग्रणी सहकारी संगठन बैंक के रूप कार्य कर रहा है जिला सहकारी केन्द्रीय बैंक मर्यादित रायसेन पूर्णतया कम्प्यूटरीकृत 18 शाखाओ और 113 प्राथमिक कृषि साख सहकारी समितियों (पैक्स) के माध्यम से आकर्षक ऋण और सावधि एवं बचत जमा योजना के साथ किसानों और लोगों की सेवा का कार्य कर रही है।
नाबार्ड और अपेक्स बैंक की मदद से हम 113 प्राथमिक कृषि साख सहकारी समितियों (पैक्स) के माध्यम से उनके साथ संबद्ध किसानों को उनकी वित्तीय आवश्यकताओं को पूरा करने के लिए अल्पकालिक, मध्यम अवधि और दीर्घ अवधि के कृषि ऋण उपलब्ध करा रहे हैं।
जिला सहकारी केन्द्रीय बैंक मर्यादित रायसेन जिले के ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों में वित्तीय सुविधा प्रदान करने में एक महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभा रहा है। रीवा जिले में कृषि एवं अन्य ऋण उपलब्ध कराने के साथ ही विभिन्न योजनाओं में भी अपने ऋण पोर्टफोलियो के तहत ग्राहकों को विभिन्न प्रकार अग्रिम प्रदाय कर रहा है।